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Revo Foods, an Austrian startup that has developed a method for 3D printing salmon based on vegetable protein, completed the first round of donations with a total volume of more than 1.5 million euros. Company representatives said they are “excited to be working with fantastic strategic investors who will really accelerate our 3D printed seafood market entry”. The 3D printed salmon products are now being launched on the European market.

Investors include Hazelpond Capital, friends2grow and MKO Holdings as well as national funds from the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG and the Vienna Business Agency.

Revo Foods has been developing its vegetable alternatives for seafood in Vienna since last year with the aim of completely restoring the texture, structure, taste and nutritional profile of seafood such as salmon and tuna, but with 100% vegetable ingredients.

The company developed a new technology based on a 3D printing process for food that precisely recreates the texture and appearance of seafood. In the 3D printing process, natural and healthy ingredients such as pea proteins, algae extracts and fiber are combined to achieve excellent nutritional value and taste. This gives Revo Food products a realistic look. In addition, the process has been optimized to avoid food waste in the production process and to obtain healthier vitamins and omega-3 oils.

“People often ask us, ‘Is your plant-based salmon as healthy as traditional animal salmon? ‘. Our answer is no, our vegetable salmon is not that healthy. It’s even healthier! Our salmon is rich in protein, omega 3, fiber and vitamin B12. Now you no longer have to eat all of the toxic salmon waste to maintain your nutrients while doing something good for the planet at the same time. “

With the products of Revo Food, consumers could find a healthy and more sustainable alternative to the products of industrial fishing and aquaculture. The first products to hit the market are smoked salmon strips (The Smokey One) and salmon spreads (The Creamy One), while Revo continues to focus entirely on developing salmon and tuna sashimi. These products became available in Austria at the end of 2020 and the company is now planning to expand into other European markets.


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